Developer secures wetlands permit for 196 luxury apartments on Main St.

Solli Engineering LLC prepared blueprints for a 196 unit apartment complex at 127 Main St, on what is known as the Pond View property.

MONROE, CT — A plan to build 196 luxury apartments at 127 Main St. received unanimous approval from the Inland Wetlands Commission Wednesday night. Now all the developer, Pond View LLC, needs is a green light for the site plan from the Planning and Zoning Commission.

The Inland Wetlands Commission approved the wetlands permit with conditions by a vote of 4 to 0, with Vice Chairman Erik Lindstrom (who served as active chair while Chairman Keith Romano recused himself), Secretary B.J. Hall, Jim Stewart and Ross Mastrorocco voting yes.

The proposed housing consists of seven apartment buildings, a clubhouse, four detached garages, a maintenance building and a sidewalk along Main Street (Route 25). The driveway is next to the Dunkin’ Donuts at the intersection with Judd and Old Newtown roads.

The plan includes the installation of a stormwater basin, septic field and landscaping within the upland review area.

The project proposes the alteration of 50-square-feet of wetlands and 84,108-square-feet of upland review area. Of the property’s 19.6 acres, 2.7 is in the upland review area.

Among the commission’s findings, the first selectman submitted a letter confirming the proposal will not impact two existing conservation areas, the property is currently being excavated according to conditions of an excavation and fill permit, and it is not located in a special flood hazard area.

“Commission finds that the project proposes the installation of an above ground storm water quality basin which will capture and treat the water quality prior to entering the wetlands,” the findings say.

During its review the commission noted the applicant presented a revised landscaping plan addressing staff recommendations by providing additional native plantings.

The commission also recommended installation of wetlands markings to be delineated on final mapping for locations determined by staff, and required that adequate dust control be maintained at all times to minimize the impact on adjacent wetlands.

The applicant submitted an adequate operations and maintenance plan, according to the commission.

Among the conditions of approval, the applicant must adhere to recommendations outlined in the consultant engineer’s and the wetlands enforcement officer’s reports, and post a $38,000 completion bond.

The applicant must also provide a quarterly status report to staff and the Inland Wetlands Commission during site preparation. The reports will be done by Solli Engineering LLC, a Monroe firm that represents Pond View LLC.


  1. Luxury apartments? On Main Street?
    Just what Monroe needs. Well, may be better
    than another convenience store. Wait. We’re getting that too? Swell.
    When will we get more pizzerias, nail salons and Asian

  2. So sad, Density it was too great for water supply and sewage. At least there will be evergreen screening. Fun times with traffic.

    Wit all of this growth is anyone on P&Z looking at the big picture as to what the Street Scaping will look like along all of route 25? Tis is why we need to divide the commission into Planning and Zoning. Too much time on going and very little on Planning.

  3. Monroe loves it’s roosters, chicken coops and hi rise apartments. So, what’s the plan again?

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