Developer proposes Sun Valley Glen: 9 single family housing units on Monroe Turnpike

These are the plans for Sun Valley Glen, a nine lot single family subdivision planned for 1536 and 1564 Monroe Turnpike.

MONROE, CT —- A public hearing before the Inland Wetlands Commission will be held on a plan to build Sun Valley Glen, a nine lot single family subdivision on just over 30 acres at 1536 and 1564 Monroe Turnpike, near Cottage Street and Old Zoar Road, on Feb. 14.

Larry Edwards, of J. Edwards & Associates in Easton, the engineer for the applicant, said zoning allows 12 units on two-acre-lots with 3.3 acres of open space in a conventional subdivision. However, Sun Valley Glen would be cluster housing with nine units, while preserving 12.5 acres of open space.

The application was brought by Michael Czesnowski of Jans Land Developers for the property, which is owned by John Mangieri.

During the Inland Wetlands meeting on Jan. 10, commissioners voted unanimously to schedule the hearing, because a portion of the project would impact upon the wetlands.

The plan includes a new road called Sun Valley Drive, which would connect to Route 111 at Old Zoar Road. The drainage system would include two detention basins to detain, treat and infiltrate collected stormwater runoff.

According to the application, Matthew J. Popp, a professional wetlands scientist with Environmental Land Solutions LLC, a Norwalk firm, is part of the team of environmental experts for the project.

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  1. 1564 Monroe Turnpike surrounds me on 3 sides, and 2 of the 9 homes will be on the steep hill behind me. I already have a water runoff problem from that hill; taking down a large portion of those trees will increase the runoff, and the plans have runoff catch basins for 7 of the 9 homes, but not the 2 homes behind me. The original owner had taken steps to divert runoff. I have added a sump pump (replaced again 12/2023), french drains at back and sides of house and added an additional retaining wall with french drains, too. It is still not enough and I have a swamp at back and left side of property that is eroding the left property line, the driveway retain wall now has a waterfall at the right side, and I added rocks to mitigate the erosion, but its still is a waterfall during a heavy rain. The developer needs to mitigate runoff from homes 4 & 5. I’m not happy about the loss of those beautiful trees and habitat for wildlife; especially for birds and foxes and bobcats that keep the rodent population down. A few people are happy that their property values might go up (which, by the way, will increase our tax burden) but the intrinsic value of the adjacent property will go down. If you have concerns about this development, please attend the public Inland & Wetlands Commission public hearing 2/14/24 7 pm; yeah, I know it’s not convenient for romantics, but you can also participate by Zoom or phone or write a letter to the IWC or email to [email protected]. Thank you for your kind consideration. Paula Jelly, 290 Cottage Street

    • Exactly this town is not happy unless they keep building. It doesn’t reduce our taxes because the BOE always needs more. The added students. The loss of wildlife just because the residents home value will increase give me a break. This town used to be nice not anymore. They will keep building in the Stevenson area if the permits are approved.

  2. This frankly makes me sad. First of all the new intersection of 111/“sun valley road” and Old Zoar is a horrific idea. Is there going to be a light put in at that location? You already risk life and limb turning left onto 111 from Old Zoar and now there will be a road directly across the way. The second major concern I have for this project is wetlands are supposed to be protected! How can they build the road over it? The noise pollution alone will disturb the beautiful animals we have in that forestland. Frankly some might see all of this construction going up in Monroe as “progress” I can’t help but think of the reasons my husband and I bought our home in Monroe as opposed to Lower Fairfield County. With more people moving in there’s less room for wildlife and MORE traffic and stress. Someone has to try and speak for the environment and non human inhabitants of this wooded area!

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