Democrats seek majority representation on the Board of Education, outline agenda

To the Editor:

Local elections have the largest impact on our day-to-day lives and especially in our school system. The Board of Education sets policy for our school systems, takes the first pass at the school budget, and hires/fires the Superintendent.

At this vital time in our country’s history and looking forward to creating the next generation leaders, we, the Democratic members and Democratic candidates for the Board of Education, ask for your vote to put us in the majority because our students deserve a Board that supports them at all times.

As your Board of Education majority, we will:

  • Fight for a fair and comprehensive budget that adequately funds our school system
  • Support our students of color, our LGBTQIA+ students, and children with special needs through the creation of policy and the funding of innovative initiatives
  • Create and implement policies that bring the Monroe Board of Education into the 21st century, bring us in line with similarly situated school districts, and conform to state and federal regulations
  • Advocate for a K-12 curriculum that creates well-rounded and engaged citizens who will become our future leaders
  • Support all students in their social and emotional needs and close learning gaps by utilizing state and federal grant dollars smartly as we continue to feel the long-lasting effects of COVID
  • Support all teachers, staff, and administrators of the Monroe public school system to guarantee that our buildings are safe and welcoming places to work

We will advocate with dedication for our students and their parents. We will continue to be a voice for parents and will advocate for what is in the best interest of all our children.

The quality of our schools matters because the quality of our town, in many ways, is determined by the schools.  How our community supports public education and how we support children matters to our economy and our civil society. Turnout during local elections is low because these types of elections do not bring the same fervor that state or federal elections have, but local elections are vitally important.

We have the knowledge and experience to be effective members of the Monroe Board of Education. As a university professor, special education professor and consultant, former three-decade Monroe teacher, public school psychologist, and active parent and community member, we ask you to come out this November 2nd, or via absentee ballot, to vote Row A to bring balance to our town. We ask for your vote because we truly value our school system and want to see it thrive.  Should you have any questions please contact us at [email protected].

Jerry Stevens

Chrissy Fensore Martinez

Theresa Oleyar

Alan Vaglivelo

Nick Kapoor

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  1. I hate to use the internet comment section to attempt debate but BJ Hall and the Democrats of Monroe have left me with no other options. I have reached out to the Democrats of Monroe on two separate occasions seeking clarity on their stance in regards to policies they have suggested in BOE meetings and in their own editorial above. Twice they have told me that they would only respond in a public forum, they would not respond to me as an individual. I contacted this paper and the Monroe Patch and requested they ask them some clarifying questions, so far nothing. Let me be clear, the Democrats of Monroe are hiding behind the papers so that they don’t have to clarify any of their positions. The papers asked real questions and we never received real answers. I just want people to be aware of what type of people are running for office and how inaccessible they are. We have a right to know for example, what curriculum they would like to implement BEFORE we vote them in. I expect this from national politics not the local level. Please vote informed and be aware that real information from the Democratic Party has been impossible to acquire.

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