Costume designer allegedly takes off with cash for production of ‘A Little Dream’

Worse Company LLC  bought a Craigslist ad for a costume designer in August for its TV series “A Little Dream,” which was to be filmed in the Bridgeport/Monroe area last summer. But police say the woman they hired took the $800 in cash given to her to buy clothing  and materials and was never heard from again.

A complaint was filed on Aug. 26,2019 and officers tracked down Myah Simms, 20, who told them she spent $250 to $300 of it and lost the rest, according to the report.

Police applied for an arrest warrant, which was granted, and Simms was arrested and being held at Troop G in Bridgeport on Christmas Eve, when Monroe officers picked her up.

Simms was charged with fifth-degree larceny and released on $800 bond for a Jan. 2 court date.

According to BackStage.Com, in “A Little Dream,” “Alba, a determined but undocumented Dominican immigrant, makes her way to Connecticut in search of safety and her piece of the American Dream. Initially homeless, she faces the discrimination and exploitation immigrants do, but finds a way to rise above. As her success grows, the audience will learn there’s more to Alba than meets the eye, and that she is not in this Connecticut town by chance.”

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