Conman withdraws close to $3k from Monroe woman’s bank account during service call

MONROE, CT — A 71-year-old Monroe woman told police she spoke on the phone with a man, who she thought was an AppleCare associate, about canceling her account, when she looked at the Bank of America app on her phone and saw $2,998 being withdrawn from her checking account.

She asked the man what he was doing and he told her it was part of the process. She told him she felt uncomfortable with the situation and was calling the police, before hanging up on him, according to a police complaint filed on April 24.

The man posing as an Apple associate never identified himself during the call, which took place on April 19, after the woman Googled a phone number for AppleCare customer service.

When she called the number she was told their lines were busy and someone would call her back at 4 p.m., the report said. Then the man called and asked for her Social Security number. She told officers she only gave him the last four digits, police said.

“When you Google something, make sure it’s the correct website,” Police Lt. Michael Sweeney said Friday, adding old invoices should provide you with the business’s correct phone number.

After the phone call, the woman checked her bank account and saw the money was withdrawn. Her Apple Wallet showed a $2,998 deposit from her debit card to Apple Cash on April 19. Another transaction showed the money being transferred from there to a GoBank account.

On April 20, Bank of America notified her that another transfer to an unknown male of just over $3,498 did not go through.

Police said she contacted Apple to report the fraud and Bank of America to report the fraudulent activity on her checking account. The bank canceled her debit card and, as of this time, no other fraudulent charges were made. The victim was issued a temporary credit of $2,998 from Bank of America.

She was advised by police to freeze her checking account and transfer the money to a new account, to freeze her credit with the three major credit bureaus and to contact the Social Security Administration.

All information from this case was forwarded to the Monroe Police Detective Division for further investigation.

Rollover crash on Elm

A driver and his passenger escaped injury after he crashed his 2001 Honda into a stonewall in a rollover accident on Elm Street early Wednesday morning.

At approximately 2:25 a.m., police said a 20-year-old Shelton man was heading east on Purdy Hill Road and attempted to turn right onto Elm Street and continue south.

He reportedly told officers he heard his tires make a noise and was unable to control the vehicle, before it ran off the road, hit the stonewall and rolled over onto the driver’s side.

The driver and his passenger, a 20-year-old Trumbull woman, were evaluated by Monroe Volunteer Emergency Medical Service personnel, but both declined a trip to the hospital, police said.

The driver was issued an infraction for failure to maintain the established lane.

SUV vs. utility pole

A teenager told officers she was using her cellphone before the 2008 Toyota RAV4 she was driving went off Wheeler Road to the right and struck a utility pole on April 21. Monroe Volunteer Emergency Medical Service personnel treated her for injuries at the scene, but she declined an ambulance ride to the hospital, according to police.

The crash occurred at approximately 1:35 p.m., when she headed north on Monroe Turnpike (Route 111) and attempted to make a left turn onto Wheeler Road, police said, adding there were no passengers in the vehicle.

The teen was issued a warning for failure to drive in the established lane and distracted driving/improper use of a handheld device.

Eversource was notified to assess any damages to the utility pole.

Bogus COVID relief claim ensnares Monroe woman

A 54-year-old Monroe woman told officers a fraudulent business loan ranging from $60,000 to $80,000 for COVID-19 relief was issued for a photography business in her name. She had closed a business in 2016, but it was under a different name, according to the police complaint filed on April 24.

She learned of the fraud after receiving a letter from the U.S. Business Administration for a $370 loan payment on March 4. Because she never took out the loan, she ignored it, only to be billed again for a total of $740 on April 11.

When she called the U.S. Business Administration she learned the loan was applied for using her correct name and address, but the Social Security number tied to it was not hers.

The U.S. Business Administration representative advised her to file a fraud complaint with them and police.

Police do not know if she suffered any financial loss at this time, but she was advised to contact the three major credit bureaus to monitor her credit and the Social Security Administration to report the incident.

A bogus bank account

A 60-year-old Monroe man told police someone fraudulently opened a Bank of America checking account in his name and made transactions totaling $510, depositing the money, then withdrawing the entire amount using a Zelle app, according to a police complaint made on April 24.

He learned about the fraud when the bank contacted him about an update to the new account. When he told Bank of America he didn’t open it, a representative told him it was opened in his name, using his Social Security number.

The bank canceled the account. Police said the man’s other financial accounts did not have any suspicious activity, so he suffered no financial losses. He froze his credit with the three major major bureaus.

The Monroe Police Detective Division is investigating the case.

Scammers target new account

An Underhill Road couple told officers someone attempted to transfer six cents and three cents to Acorn from an M&T checking account they opened on April 17, after falling victim to a scam earlier in the month. Both transactions were blocked.

A Google search shows Acorn is an investment company, according to police, who advised the couple to contact the three major credit bureaus about incident, as well as the Social Security Administration to determine if their information was compromised.

The incident was reported on Tuesday. No financial loss was reported at this time.

Suspicious vehicle

Officers could not find a man driving a black Honda Pilot, who allegedly tried to open car doors on Old Tannery Road, near Monroe Center Cemetery, around 10:46 p.m. Tuesday. Police said no thefts from vehicles were reported that night.

Unemployment scam

A 36-year-old Monroe man’s employer told him someone requested unemployment benefits in his name, according to a police complaint made April 24.

The employer contacted the Connecticut Department of Labor on the Monroe man’s behalf and put a stop on the request, so no payments were made, according to police.

No other suspicious activity or financial loss was reported, police said, adding the victim froze his credit with the three major credit bureaus.

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