Con man tells Monroe resident he’s under investigation for murder

MONROE, CT — A Monroe man told police he lost out on $3,500 after falling victim to a DEA scam Nov. 19.

A caller told him that his social security account was being investigated, before he was transferred to a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agent, according to the complaint. The “DEA agent” told him a car rented using his social security number was found at the scene of a drug deal with blood inside, so now he was under investigation for murder.

The DEA was going to freeze the resident’s assets, but there was one thing he could do to help himself: buy as many gift cards as he could.

Police said the man withdrew $3,500 from his bank account, bought various gift cards, then called the DEA agent back to read the numbers to him.

The victim was told an FBI agent would reimburse him, police said of the scam.

Identity thief orders two laptops

A Patmar Terrace woman told police someone fraudulently used her name, social security number, birthdate and email address to order two HP laptop computers, which were delivered to a house she rents out in Fairfield.

DUI arrest

A woman was charged with DUI early Friday evening, after a complaint of a suspicious vehicle that was parked in the cul-de-sac on Swendsen Drive for over an hour.

At approximately 5 p.m., officers responding to the call saw a tan BMW in the roadway and a woman, who appeared to be sleeping, in the driver’s seat with her head hunched down and the ignition turned on, according to police.

Police said officers woke up the driver and she told them she was just hanging out. Three one-liter containers of Bandit pinot grigio were visible on the passenger seat, according to the report.

Police said the driver, identified as Darlene Musial, 59, of Captains Hill Road in Monroe, had the odor of an alcoholic beverage on her, glassy eyes and slurred speech, and did not perform field sobriety tests to standard.

She was charged, then released on $500 bond for a Nov. 30 court date.

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