Circling the weeds growing out of Monroe’s rotary

The landscaping on the traffic circle at routes 110 and 111 is overgrown with weeds.

Small trees and other plantings adorn the traffic islands and rotary at the intersection of routes 110 and 111, but this summer the landscaping has been overrun with weeds.

Several people commenting on the Monroe CT Residents Facebook page complained that the traffic circle has become an eyesore and asked who is responsible for the maintenance.

First Selectman Ken Kellogg said the landscaping is the Connecticut Department of Transportation’s responsibility until the project is deemed completed and the rotary is turned over to the town.

“If our day-to-day contacts don’t get to a resolution within a couple days, then I will be escalating it on the state level, because the way it looks now is simply not acceptable,” Kellogg said Monday.

The first selectman said some minor punch list work needs to be done, including minor drainage and sidewalk repairs. Town Engineer Scott Schatzlein, who had a meeting with the DOT last Thursday, noticed some cracks in the sidewalks, according to Kellogg.

Kevin J. Nursick, a DOT spokesman, was still looking into the time frame Monday evening, but said, “we will handle the weeds, and the punch list items should be done shortly as well so we can turn the landscaping responsibility over to the town shortly too.”

Once it is turned over to the town, Kellogg said the Parks and Recreation Department will be responsible for the landscaping.

“Parks and Recreation has the responsibility for the town’s landscaping, from Town Hall and the library to the town-owned fire stations,” he said. “All the groundskeeping falls under the Parks and Recreation Department.”

In the meantime, Kellogg said the DOT does not have to do much to improve the traffic circle’s appearance. “If they could just get in there and do some weeding, that’s all it needs,” he said.


  1. Hi Bill, I read your article on the weeds at the rotary. I was one of the many(?) who complained to the 1st Selectman. However, your article didn’t address the other sad and disgraceful part… someone had put short American flags around the perimeter. You can’t see them in the photo (…’cause the weeds are so high). But I walked by there two weeks ago, some of the flags had fallen over and were laying there in the weeds and dirt – that’s very wrong!!
    I reset the fallen flags, but haven’t been (walking) by there recently to see if any others have fallen over. I don’t know who put them there, but they (whoever?) ought to check them regularly, …or remove them.

  2. Bill,

    I know our capable and proactive 1st selectman is addressing this issue. I drive thru the rotary at least twice a day, everyday. I can honestly say, i’ve never noticed the weeds. Maybe i’m too focused on driving? Btw wanted to say the centerpiece for the rotary turned out great.

    Sean O’Rourke

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