Cash registers stolen in Dunkin’ Donuts burglary, guns in residential burglary

The Dunkin' Donuts on Route 34 was burglarized early Tuesday morning.

MONROE, CT — Two burglars completely shattered a window on the east side of the Dunkin’ Donuts building at 230 Roosevelt Drive early Tuesday morning, entered and stole three cash registers, according to police.

Officers responding to an alarm at 3:21 a.m. noticed shattered glass on the interior and exterior of the building, police said, adding a search of the building found no suspects.

The owner arrived just before 4 a.m. and went through security camera footage with the officers. It showed a black Audi with tinted windows pull up and two males get out. One tried a side door, while the other threw a hard object at the window, breaking it.

Police said both burglars climbed through the window, forcing their way through the broken glass. Once inside, they pulled two cash registers out from the main area and ran towards the back of the store, where they attempted to take a safe, but it was bolted to the floor.

They also attempted to enter an office, but the door was locked, police said.

The burglars took a third cash register from the drive-thru window area and left through the window they had climbed through (which was not the drive-thru window). Police said the cash registers contained a total of about $200.

Police did not have an estimate for the damage to the store.

The suspects, described as a male wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and mask, and a male wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and a dark jacket, left in the Audi, traveling on Route 34, toward Oxford.

Burglary on William Henry Drive

A burglar stole approximately 10 guns of various makes and models from a home on William Henry Drive just before noon Thursday. A female resident discovered the theft and police said the guns were legally registered and owned by her husband.

The woman told police she left her house earlier in the day and initially did not notice the open basement window when she returned home that afternoon.

When she went down to the basement around 3 p.m., she found it had been ransacked police said. The window was wide open and damaged screens were on the ground outside.

When her husband came home, he noticed his guns were missing, according to the report.

A neighbor’s security camera video showed a light colored four-door sedan park in front of the house at approximately 11:49 a.m. and, moments later, a person wearing dark clothing is seen carrying a large sack while leaving the house.

The suspect is seen placing the sack in the back seat and getting into the car, before the video abruptly ends, police said.

Police also canvassed the neighborhood to see if anyone saw or heard anything. The Monroe Police Detective Division is investigating.

Stolen mail, check fraud

A 67-year-old Wells Road man told police someone stole a $33 check he had placed in his mailbox for pick up, changed the amount to $1,900 and the recipient to a name he does not recognize.

He noticed the check was cashed while reviewing his Bank of America account online, and matched the check number to the one he tried to mail out on Nov. 23. Police said the victim did not mail out any other checks that day.

Police advised the victim to monitor his bank accounts and to notify the three major credit bureaus.

The case is being investigated by Bank of America and the Monroe Police Detective Division.

Caught eventually

A 51-year-old Shelton woman, who owns a vehicle in which the driver allegedly sped up to over 70 mph when a Monroe police officer, with lights and a siren activated, tried to pull it over on Nov. 7, turned herself in on a warrant Tuesday.

On Nov. 7, the officer broke off the pursuit for public safety, but gathered enough information to apply for the arrest warrant, police said.

The woman was charged with liability of owner, operator or lesee engaging police in pursuit, and traveling unreasonably fast. She was released on $1,000 bond for a Dec. 8 court date.

Though she told officers she was not the driver, Police Lt. Michael Sweeney said the registered owner of a vehicle used in a crime is liable if the driver is not identified.

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