Candidate Profile: Terry Rooney

Terry Rooney

Terry Rooney

Political Party: Republican

Running for: First Selectman

Education: Masuk High School Class of 1988. Graduated Bridgeport Police Academy 1993. Continue education at Sacred Heart University while employed as a police officer.

Work experience: Owns and operates a local business for over 20 years, a decorated retired Bridgeport police officer, a recipient of the Law Enforcement Courage of CT Award. Retired due to spinal cord injury.

Political experience: Incumbent member of the Town Council, Chairman of the EMS Building Committee, Town Council liaison to the Police, Parks and Recreation and Economic Development commissions, a former member of the Parks and Recreation Commission and a former member of the Lake Zoar Authority.

Community experience: Committee member of Fighting Angels Org., Board Member Friends of the Jimmy Miller Charity, and a local supporter of Project Warmth, Ciara’s Race and Kids Kreation.

Family: Terry Rooney lived as an adolescent in Monroe for four years and graduated Masuk High School. As an adult, he chose to move back to Monroe and is a 25 year resident. His family has roots in Monroe dating back over 100 years. He and his wife, Nadine, have one son, Conor.

What makes you a great candidate for first selectman?

My seeking the office of First Selectman was motivated by my fellow Monroe citizens asking me to consider running after current First Selectman Ken Kellogg announced his retirement. They stated that my unwavering dedication to Monroe throughout the last decade is a primary factor in wanting me to run.

While it was necessary for me to have a serious discussion with my family, we collectively understand that despite the challenges the position of First Selectman presents, I should run and continue my service to the town.

As my involvement in public service has grown, I have found that my expertise in business, public safety and my two decades of charitable fundraising have given me a skill set that I can bring to the office. Most important is I have learned how to build and nurture the teamwork necessary to run government.

I enjoy working with people of many backgrounds and find that my leadership style has been very successful in handling town operations. The successful completion of the new EMS facility within the budget appropriation, despite the obstacles due to the pandemic, is an example.

For Monroe, the single most pressing issues is taxes. As costs rise in our daily lives, municipal costs rise as well. Through my work in town, I seek to bring in talent to move Monroe forward regarding responsible commercial economic development. This will help to offset increases in taxes. My goal as First Selectman is to find motivated investors and business owners to bring structures and services that citizens of Monroe need and want.

In my humble opinion, the office of First Selectman is not a job that you just “jump” into. It is critical that a candidate have legislative experience to understand how local government works. I have built relationships with directors of every town department and many employees that work for municipal side of Monroe.

Through my experience working as a legislator on Town Council, I have learned how municipal government operates. I understand the roles and responsibilities of town departments and volunteer committees and their charter-based requirements and duties.

As a businessman, I consider the office of First Selectman as the equivalent of being a CEO of a corporation. I can bring my business and public safety background to the job. The role of First Selectman requires you to make decisions quickly and accurately while maintaining compliance with town, state and federal regulations and balancing the needs and concerns of our citizens.

I believe I am the best candidate for First Selectman because the position demands the wearing of many
“hats”. Having worn many hats as a businessman, an employer, a policeman and a Town Councilman, I am a proven leader that can manage budgets and complete projects. I am able to work quickly and appropriately to get the best results. I hope that the citizens of Monroe will vote for me on Election Day, November 7,
2023. Thank you for your consideration.

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