Candidate Profile: Sean O’Rourke

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Sean O'Rourke

Name: Sean O’Rourke

Political Party: Republican

Running for: Town Council

Education: Bachelor of Science degree in marine transportation management from S.U.N.Y. Maritime College.

Work experience: Ship broker of Clarksons Platou.

Political Experience: Incumbent Town Council member and a former vice chairman, vice chairman of the Town Council Strategic Planning Committee, Current Member Special Projects Committee, Open Space Preservation and Acquisition Committee, past chairman of the Town Council’s Legislative & Administrative Committee, past chairman and current member of the Town Council Committee on Planning & Zoning, Public Works and Parks & Recreation, and a former alternate on the Monroe Planning and Zoning Commission.

Family: Sean O’Rourke is a Monroe resident of 24 years. He and his wife Susan have two daughters, Shana and Sarah.

Candidate Question: What is an issue affecting the town that you care about most and want to make a priority? How will it guide your decision making? 

As a current member and former Vice Chair of Town Council my focus is on taxes and budgets – how much they cost our citizens, how much the town collects and how we can expand our commercial tax base without impacting individual homeowners negatively either financially or in their quality of life.  This is the foundation that drives or should drive all other decisions within the town.

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