Candidate Profile: Samantha Spino

Samantha Spino

Samantha Spino

Political Party: Democrat

Running for: Board of Finance (2-year vacancy)

Education: CPA; BS in Accounting, University of Maryland – College Park

Work experience:

I am a Managing Director at CFGI, the top non-audit accounting firm in the country. I previously worked in public accounting at PwC and BDO and as a Controller in private accounting. I have 15 years of experience as a CPA, with hands-on experience budgeting and assessing revenues and expenses for their appropriateness. I’ve collaborated with executives to create forward-looking models based upon solid assumptions and research.

Political experience: 

I served on the Conservation and Water Resource Commission from January 2021 through June 2023, where I worked with those board members to encourage strong environmental policies for the town. We also worked with the Economic Development Department to promote Textile Recycling for our community. I have also served on the Board of Finance since July 2023, filling a vacancy left by Mary Hall.

Community experience:

I engage with the community by supporting local events, like the Farmer’s Market and Think Pink. I’m also a big proponent of #DoYourBusinessInMornoe!

Family:  My husband, George Gilbert, and I share 3 kids–Joey, 8, Eddie, 5, and Natalie, 2. We also have a droopy, 12-year-old mutt named Dempsey.

What makes you a great candidate for the Board of Finance? 

My constituents pay a lot in taxes, and they want to know that this money is being used responsibly for services that benefit Monroe and its residents. Transparency in spending is key, and I intend to work with the board members to create open lines of communication and clear reporting to support this. The finance team employed by the town is fantastic, and my running mate and I want to collaborate with them to create better connections between their reporting and Monroe residents.

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