Candidate Profile: Ryan Condon

Ryan Condon

Ryan Condon

Political Party: Republican

Running for: Planning and Zoning

Education: Bachelor’s Degree from Hofstra University

Political experience: Current Planning and Zoning Incumbent former member of the Zoning Board of Appeals

Community experience: Volunteer EMT for the Town of Monroe

Family: Son of Veronica and Dennis Condon

What makes you a great candidate for the Planning and Zoning Commission?

The planning and zoning commission needs to continue to focus on responsible growth. Without appropriate development to build the grand list the Town and its residents will not be able to manage the increased tax burdens. As stewards of the land and waterways we need to maintain a healthy balance of growth and conservation. It’s important to continue to follow what the voters have put forward in the recent Plan of Conservation and Development. I ask that you come out and vote for me and the rest of line B on November 7th.

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