Candidate Profile: Nina Gagnon

Nina Gagnon

Name: Nina Gagnon

Political Party: Democrat

Running for: Tax Collector

Education: BA Mathematics and Secondary Education – Marist College

Work experience: High School Teacher 4 years, Small Business Owner 10 years

Political experience: None

Community experience: Board member of Monroe Playground Foundation, Pack 262 Den Leader, Volunteer at Stepney Elementary School

Family: Husband of 14 years, Jay Gagnon; Sons Cooper and Oliver

What makes you a great candidate for Tax Collector? 

Over the past ten years in Monroe I have dug my roots deep into this amazing community. People often recognize me from volunteering and working at Stepney Elementary, numerous events and Build Week as board member of the Monroe Playground Foundation, or through my small business, Etched Feelings, where I have sold and donated custom glassware to numerous fundraisers such as the Apple Festival, Cub Scouts, the YMCA, Masuk Hockey, and many more. I absolutely love Monroe and I am extremely proud to be nominated as your Tax Collector.

But why does any of this make me a great candidate for Tax Collector?

An effective tax collector needs many different skills to take care of their residents. Chief among those are a deep knowledge of the state and town laws, problem solving skills, communication skills, and the ability to provide compassionate customer service.

Knowledge of The Law

If you ask any teacher what one of their most valuable skills or traits are, “life-long learner” would be among the top three answers. I am ready to take on the task of learning the laws and policies set by the state.

Problem-Solving Skills

As a teacher I have often faced challenges in the classroom that require creative problem-solving. Tax collection can also present unique situations that require adaptability and creative solutions. Moreover, my experience with the Monroe Playground Foundation has given me a unique experience to collaborate with our residents to work together to find a way to work through problems, whether it be to find ways to engage with residents for fundraising through a pandemic or working with large groups to figure out how to work through logistical problems.

Communication Skills

Teachers are skilled communicators. I will be able to effectively explain complex concepts and regulations to taxpayers, helping them understand their tax obligations and how to fulfill them correctly. Clear communication can reduce misunderstandings and errors in tax collection. I intend to use as many resources as possible to get information to our residents including emails, text alerts, and social media.

Patience and Empathy

I have worked with diverse groups of students, including those who may struggle to grasp certain concepts. This patience and empathy can be valuable when dealing with taxpayers who may find the tax system confusing or stressful. A tax collector with a compassionate approach can help taxpayers navigate the process more easily.

Moreover, I am an active participant in our town. I love this town with all my heart. I am always ready to help wherever I am needed and I will continue to do that as your tax collector.

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