Candidate Profile: Mary Hall

Mary Hall

Name: Mary Hall            

Political Party: Democrat

Running For: Board of Finance              

Work Experience: My career spans 45 years in various financial leadership roles for GE and GENPACT. With a reach across the globe, Mary drove financial results; identified and implemented growth opportunities; and oversaw new operations for the overall benefit of the organization.

Political Experience: Commissioner, Monroe Economic Development Commission

Family: A resident of Monroe for the last 21 years. Married for 29 years to B.J. Hall, candidate for Planning & Zoning

What is an issue affecting the town that you care about most and want to make a priority? How will it guide your decision making? 

Hall: I will ask tough questions to ensure that taxpayer revenue is appropriated to best serve our community. Are we focusing on economic development to bring in town revenues through business sales? Are we preserving our open spaces to expand the beauty of our town? Are we supporting our teachers and students as the quality of education is a cornerstone of Monroe?

The answers to these questions and much more should come together to justify our tax rates, while keeping Monroe one of the most desirable communities in the area.

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