Candidate Profile: Kevin Reid

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Kevin Reid

Name: Kevin Reid

Political Party: Republican

Running for: Town Council

Occupation:  IT Director – Entertainment Industry, former U.S. Army Reserve Officer

Education: University of Connecticut

Experience: Monroe Town Council member for six years, Economic Development Committee (EDC) member

Family: Kevin Reid is a Monroe resident of over 15 years. He is married with a daughter

What is an issue affecting the town that you care about most and want to make a priority? How will it guide your decision making? 

In my eight-plus years of experience on Monroe Town Council, I have learned there is rarely one single issue, topic and/or condition we legislate. Everything, all the time, must have focus across the board. More times than not, everything we vote on is connected in some way to another topic and decision. A vote for one thing has knock-on effects to many other things down stream.

So, it’s important to look at legislation and the administrative approaches of how we govern — in totality. There is no doubt that road upkeep, lower taxes, increase of successful businesses, a safe community, well-maintained parks to enjoy, and many other topics are all important.

What I reflect on looking back in my experience on Council is what I want to see going forward. We have a strong and dedicated group of elected officials across all boards and commissions, led by an extremely experienced and focused First Selectman that any town, or city would be incredibly lucky to have.

The last two years have been difficult. There were many times where far overreaching and draconian policies, even beyond what the State implemented, could have been implemented if Monroe followed what other towns moved ahead with.

Instead, under the guidance and leadership of our First Selectman, dedicated and experienced Town Attorney, and key members of other elected boards like the Board of Finance and Education, we kept a cool, collected tone and approach that yielded great results as we lifted ourselves out of the pandemic and other economic issues we currently and will no doubt continue to face in the upcoming months and years.

Recently, we have seen Fortune 100 presence in our town helping with the grand list and tax revenue as well as seeing our property values rise. There has been reinvigorated developer interest in beautifying their buildings and curb appeal.

We are seeing continued results of big business brands opening and then inspiring adjacent property to quite literally clear the slate and break some of the stagnation that has been there before and during the pandemic. We also see residents all over town beautifying their properties resulting in a sense of community and pride.

So, it’s not just one thing I see “affecting” us as a town. I would like to answer this by pointing to an action, and that is to, “keep the ball rolling.” Keep bringing in the business. Keep cleaning up the land and beautifying.  Continue keeping us safe. Keep making smart planning decisions within town hall and within our elected boards that promote tax revenue and responsible development. Continue to keep being smart with policies that protect and nurture our citizens from the youngest to the oldest. And keep being true to our cause with a plan that is transparent and clearly for all people of Monroe.

There is no doubt that more needs to be done. More roads paved. More development and cleaning. More investment and the enacting of smart, un-bloated policies that are less restrictive and still undeniably responsible.  Keeping the ball rolling while looking at how everything is connected, not leaving out one piece of what we are responsible for, will tackle this. It will ensure it happens, will continue to happen and will secure the prosperity for years to come.

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  1. Sorry but we have 3 mining operations with no taxable commercial Buildings in sight. No planning and our recent 150,00 plus POCD lacks in sight and vision .

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