Candidate Profile: Katherine Stauffer

Katherine Stauffer

Katherine Stauffer

Political Party: Republican

Running for: Board of Finance

What makes you a great candidate for The Board of Finance? 

In 2021, I found my way to Monroe, a Town I now proudly call home. From the moment I joined this community, I knew that I wanted to become an active participant. I was incredibly fortunate to find a place to use my expertise: The Board of Finance.

When I am not working or volunteering, I enjoy kicking back, cooking from scratch, antiquing, and most of all my annual family trip to Aruba. I live in The Hills of Monroe with my boyfriend, Stephen, who works in construction and is also a Lieutenant with the Stepney Fire Department. We have two little feline fur babies named Lola and Lillian.

I am Chairwoman of the Finance Committee at The Hills of Monroe. We assist in overseeing cost management and long-term planning for the complex. It is a role that I approach with diligence, knowing that the decisions made today shape the future of our community.

My dedication to municipal service spans over 11 years. Since 2016, I’ve held the title of a certified Connecticut municipal collector. For the past three years, I have been the Assistant Assessor for the Town of Redding. With only one course left to sit for the Assessor’s Certification Exam, I work every day to learn what it really means to create and grow a Town’s Grand List. I also oversee the administration of almost all tax benefit and exemption programs for veterans, disabled persons, elderly, farms, and non-profits.

Prior to this, I was the administrator for the Town of Redding Water Pollution Control Commission. I managed their budget, utility billings, vendor procurement, and worked directly with taxpayers and local businesses, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of public finance.

Municipal service has been the cornerstone of my career, I am constantly evolving and learning. The Town of Monroe is a testament to the power of collective dedication. Here, every individual, whether an employee or volunteer, is driven by a common purpose – the advancement of our community’s well-being.

More than anything, I am a neighbor, always available to lend an ear or answer your questions. I look forward to earning your vote, growing old alongside you, and serving you with the dedication and diligence that you deserve. I will work to help Monroe thrive and prosper! Thank you for considering me for this role, I am excited for the future we will shape together.

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