Candidate Profile: Jessica Katuska

Jess Katuska

Name: Jessica Katuska

Political Party: Democrat

Running For: Town Council

Education: BA in Economics

Work experience: 8-year insurance professional, job title: Product Manager at PURE Insurance

Political experience: Two years of service on Monroe BOE, 2 years of service on Town Council

Community Experience: Five years of service as a Monroe Girl Scout Troop Leader and 8 years of service for the Stepney PTO, many of them in leadership.

Family: Husband, Steve, two girls that attend the Monroe schools, and then many animals to round out the family!

What makes you a great candidate for Town Council?

Why am I a good candidate? I listen before I talk. Too often in life, people are thinking of the next question that they can ask instead of actually listening to others. I like to listen to understand all the angles of an issue and the reason behind the “what?”.

I work well with others. I’ve worked with amazing people in business and in town service on both sides of the political aisle. We need good people doing town work on both sides.

Finally, I truly care about this town and its long-term direction. I want to help improve our school system. I also want to preserve the feeling in town while also expanding the business tax base. The priorities that we all share can be seen within town leadership if we get the right people in charge.

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