Candidate Profile: Jessica Katuska

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Jessica Katuska

Name: Jessica Katuska

Political Party: Democrat

Running For: Town Council

Education: BA in Economics

Work Experience: Insurance Analyst

Political Experience: Board of Education (2 year term)

Family: Married with two daughters in the Monroe schools

What is an issue affecting the town that you care about most and want to make a priority? How will it guide your decision making? 

Katuska: The issue that I care most about is and will always be education. Republican or Democrat, most people that I talk to around Monroe tell me that they moved to town or moved back to town for the schools. A strong K-12 education is the best gift we can give our future generations.

In the short term, that means fully funding the schools and trusting our wonderful educators to teach the way they feel appropriate. In the long term, we need to start thinking 10 years into the future to ensure that our schools will be fully funded then as well.

As we see state requirements and education costs increasing, we need to have a strong economic development plan to increase the number of storefronts in town and foot traffic.

We can grow Monroe in a smart and strategic way to maintain a small-town feeling but to have a larger tax base. I will use my Economics degree and analytical background to drive the change we need to ensure financial stability for our town.

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