Candidate Profile: Jerry Stevens

Jerry Stevens

Jerry Stevens

Political Party: Democrat

Running For: First Selectman

Education Background: BS in Technology Education from Central Connecticut State University, MA in Counseling from Southern Connecticut State University, 6th Year Degree in Leadership from Southern Connecticut State University

Work Experience: Retired Monroe teacher – 34 years of service

Political Experience: Current elected member of the Monroe Board of Education: presently 6 years of service. Former Member Monroe Economics Development Commission                      

Family: Married to wife Kathy, a retired special education teacher who worked in Trumbull schools. Have two adult children – both are former Monroe students. One is a school counselor and the other is a teacher.

What makes you a great candidate for first selectman?

I have lived in the great Town of Monroe my whole life. I have witnessed true Democracy in action since I was a child with our annual budget referendum. Active participation in our local government is what residents expect. However, there are now questions.

Monroe needs a responsive First Selectman willing to work collaboratively with residents to address the challenges Monroe is experiencing now. Residents need to be part of the discussion process to move Monroe forward. I welcome Community input, open forums with focus groups and stakeholders to understand residents’ concerns and needs. Let’s celebrate Monroe’s history while collaboratively planning for our future.

I enjoy people and learn through our interactions. I am a Problem Solver, Innovator, Critical Thinker, Collaborator and Life-Long Learner. Throughout my career I have always communicated, gathered information and made informed judgements. As First Selectman, I am the effective leader that our community requires at this pivotal time.  I have a well-established reputation from the years of serving this community. From teacher, coach, commissioner, volunteer and elected official, I have always considered myself a Monroe boy with my town’s best interests at heart.

Presently, I am the Owner/Operator of Stevens Resources LLC, a successful business crafting custom-made furniture and home projects. Since 2015 I am an elected member of Monroe’s Board of Education.  I also served on Monroe’s EDC.

After 34 years, I retired from teaching in Monroe. It has been said “He’s just a Shop Teacher”.  I hold 3 Degrees: Bachelors in Industrial Arts, Master’s in Counseling and Sixth Year in Educational Leadership. Throughout my teaching career I received many local and State awards:  My Lab received CT Technology Education Program of the Year Award (2002). In 2006, I was proud to be named the Monroe Teacher of the Year.  I was awarded the CT Technology Education Teacher of the Year Award(2007).  I also served on Monroe’s STEM Committee, Connecticut State STEM Committee and Connecticut State STEM/Unified Arts Committee. I served 30 years on the Executive Board of CT Technology Education Association, the last 10 years as President and co-authored the Connecticut State Standards.

My Platform Points are: Responsive Local Government, Taxes, Business-Friendly Government and Education. I advocate an Open-Door Policy with community meetings and on-going communication. Taxes need to be better managed with a return of improved services for everyone.  Tax relief for qualifying seniors needs to be pursued.  The Grand List must grow responsibly with regard to impact on our community, roads, services and award-winning schools. Business Friendly must include existing, in addition to, new businesses. Land Use and Office of Economic Development procedures need audit and feedback for continued improvement.

During this campaign I have heard countless frustrations from residents. Residents must be heard and issues need to be discussed and addressed. A Community Strategic Plan needs to be developed with all the stakeholders. I understand what it takes to move Monroe forward. Speaking with Monroe residents I have heard their call for change… I am the change Monroe needs.

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