Candidate Profile: Jason Maur

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Jason Maur

Name: Jason Maur

Political Party: Democrat

Running For: Town Council

Education Background: Masuk Alum; BA from Johns Hopkins (Political Science/Psychology); Juris Doctorate from Quinnipiac University School of Law

Work Experience: General Legal Counsel for a Solar Energy Company in Connecticut

Political Experience: Student Representative to Monroe Board of Education; Vice-Chair Commission on Aging (6+ years); Town Council (4 years)

Family: Married with two children on the way

What is an issue affecting the town that you care about most and want to make a priority? How will it guide your decision making? 

Maur: Lowering the long-term tax burden on the individual tax payer through targeted growth, future planning, and zoning reform. Our Grand List is too reliant on individual real estate taxes.

We need to enact common sense changes to our zoning regulations to make it easier for businesses to come to and thrive in Monroe, especially along the corridors and borders outside of residential areas.

Further we need to take long-term averages of our budget into consideration for future budgeting. There are many areas where we have consistently over budgeted for years, creating a surplus at year’s end. With careful consideration of these areas we can lower the budget accordingly decreasing the tax burden.

Finally, with bonding rates at extreme lows, we can plan for our future now by investing in more road maintenance and repair at lower prices and costs now, saving us money in the future and creating a more solid foundation, literally and figuratively, for Monroe.

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