Candidate Profile: Enid Lipeles

Enid Lipeles

Name: Enid Lipeles

Political Party: Republican

Running for: Town Council

Education: B.A. from Hunter College, majored in chemistry with a minor in physics and mathematics; M.S. in secondary education from the University of Bridgeport; earned 30 graduate credits in the supervisor program at Sacred Heart University

Political experience: Incumbent vice chair of the Town Council and the former chair, Town Council Finance, Health, Education & Public Safety Committee member, former chair of the Monroe Zoning Board of Appeals

Community: Former president of the Monroe League of Women Voters, recognized as the 2013 Outstanding Citizen of Monroe, 2014 Republican of the Year

Work experience: University of Bridgeport Student Teacher Supervisor 2000-2019, Sacred Heart University Student Teacher Supervisor 2000-2019, Chemistry Teacher for 43 years at Masuk, former Science Department Chair at Masuk, was 1990 Monroe Teacher of the Year and 1980 Outstanding Chemistry Teacher in North America.

Family: Enid Lipeles and her husband Ralph raised their three children, Brett, Charles and Jenny

What makes you a great candidate for the Town Council?

I joined the Monroe Republican party over 60 years ago.

My first involvement in town government was Park and Recreation. I joined the group and quickly advanced to be its’ Chairman.

I then ran for, and was elected to, Chairman of the Monroe Town Council. I still serve on Town Council In this position. I have become very familiar with the town budget, Monroe road maintenance, and Interviewing perspective town employees. Reviewing and approving recommendations made by of the Monroe First Selectman.

My husband and I moved to Monroe in 1965 I had been hired as a Chemistry teacher at Masuk High School. I taught for 43 years! In this position I was honored as Finalist for Connecticut Teacher of the Year, Outstanding North American Chemistry Teacher, and Connecticut Science Teacher of the Year. When I retired from teaching I was head of the science department.

When students would ask questions that I did not know the answers to, I would research the subjects to provide answers. This made me search many chemistry journals. I was published eleven times in various chemistry journals. These published articles include: “Rediscovered Elements,” ”How to Organize a Statewide Chemistry Competition,” ”Amadeo Avagadro,” and “My Year as a Mentor.”

My 20 years experience serving on the Monroe Town Council makes me an excellent person to continue serving on it.

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