Candidate Kapoor’s union promises cost money. Tax money.

To the Editor.

Since when did it become unacceptable in America to compare the campaign promises of a candidate with their public record?

Democrat candidate Nick Kapoor says he’ll vote no on taxes if you send him to Hartford. His words as a candidate are in complete opposition to his actions here in Monroe. These are facts in the public record and try as he may to decry the public record, Nick’s position has been that your property taxes should go up.

In a recent attack letter fellow Democrat and former teacher’s union member Jerry Stevens highlights that Nick wants, “to make the pie bigger.”

How does one “make the pie bigger” in Hartford while pledging, if elected, to oppose taxes?

Mr. Kapoor recently promoted his A+ perfect score from the Connecticut Education Association (AKA The teachers union) questionnaire. Seems Nick got a better score than Democrats like Martin Looney and Marylin Moore who vote yes on tax increases every time.

So how does one get an A+ from the union and vote no on taxes?

While promising local voters he won’t vote to raise taxes, Nick has promised the union he’s going to support a list of union priorities including the following items.

1-Increase funding by up to 20% to fund retired teacher’s health insurance fund.

2-Oppose any legislation which would weaken the benefit structure for teachers.

3-Reduce class size.

4-Increase funding for bilingual education.

5-Fund community schools.

6-Fight income inequality.

7-Create a state wide tax to fund public schools.

Candidate Kapoor’s union promises cost money. Tax money.

Candidate Kapoor has told the voters, “now is not the time to raise taxes” and he’s offered complete support to the teacher’s union. If both promises could be kept, Connecticut wouldn’t have the 5th highest tax burden in America. Kapoor can’t run from his record and he can’t honor promises made to the voters and the union. If he’s in Hartford somebody’s going to be very disappointed and you can bet it won’t be the union.

Patrick O’Hara

57 year resident and Town Treasurer

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