Burglars steal Buick LaCrosse from Rob’s Auto

MONROE, CT — Burglars broke into Rob’s Auto, 256 Main St., and stole a Buick LaCrosse early Monday morning.

At 12:18 a.m., police said two men in hooded sweatshirts, carrying flashlights, smashed the glass window of the front door to gain entry to the building.

Once inside, they ripped the alarm keypad from the wall, kicked open the overnight key drop box on the door, went through desk drawers in an office, rummaged through keys in the drop box, and left the building.

Using a key from the overnight box, the men entered a black Buick LaCrosse on the lot and drove off, heading north on Main Street.

An employee of the business saw it all from a video alert on his phone, police said, adding it also showed a third man, who drove the burglars to the business in a black Kia SUV with New York plates.

There was also a witness living in a nearby apartment, who heard noises, looked outside and saw the two burglars breaking glass at the front door, police said.

On Tuesday afternoon, police recovered the stolen vehicle in Danbury. The burglary is under investigation.

Fraudulent $14k withdrawal

A 52-year-old Monroe woman told police someone attempted to make a fraudulent $14,020 withdrawal from her People’s United Bank account, according to a complaint filed Thursday.

Police said she made out a $54.99 check to a cable company on Nov. 20 and placed it in her mailbox for pickup and normal delivery the next day. Then the check was stolen, the amount was altered and the payee was changed to a name she did not recognize, according to the report.

Police said there is no surveillance footage showing the check being stolen, adding officers do not know if any money was lost at this time. A similar incident was reported on Oct. 26.

The Monroe Police Detective Division is investigating the theft.

Protective order violations

A 32-year-old Torrington man turned himself in on a warrant Wednesday charging him with three violations of a protective order. He was released after posting 10 percent of the $5,000 bond and was scheduled to appear in court Friday.

Not the Geek Squad

A 51-year-old Monroe woman told police she received an email, she believed was from the Geek Squad, telling her she had an unpaid bill and giving her a phone number to contact the computer repair business.

She called the number and someone claiming to be a Geek Squad representative sent her software, allowing him to access her computer remotely.

As soon as she allowed this, she realized it was a scam, hung up the phone, turned off her computer, and called the police, according to the report. Then she removed the software from her computer.

No financial loss was reported at this time. Police said the woman contacted her banking institutions and credit agencies.

Bank investigates fraud

A 70-year-old Monroe woman told police numerous fraudulent charges were made on a card connected to her M&T Bank account, including two attempted $500 transfers from her checking and savings accounts.

She is in the process of closing both accounts, while her bank investigates the case. At this time, police do not know if there was a financial loss.

Attempt to buy alcohol with fake I.D.

An 18-year-old Easton man was issued a misdemeanor summons Monday, for attempting to purchase alcohol, while under the age of 21.

Police said he allegedly used a fake I.D., while attempting to buy a .750 bottle of Jim Beam whiskey and 10 nips of Fireball whiskey from Glen Ro Spirit Shoppe, 487 Monroe Turnpike.

The store employee noticed the I.D. was flimsy compared to other I.D.’s and notified the manager of a possible fake driver’s license, police said.

The Easton man took back the license and left the store, but the employee got his license plate number and police were able to find out his identity.

He later turned himself in, was charged and released on a promise to appear in court on Nov. 29.

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  1. I would be curious to know if the flags were left up notifying the letter carriers of outgoing mail where all these thefts occurred. It certainly should be a question asked by the investigating officer. In a police training class I had many years ago, we were instructed to tell people to never put the flag up. It just signals that there is something in the mailbox. Criminals drive down the roads looking for these. Also, never put outgoing mail in the box the night before.

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