Alleged traffic violation leads to narcotics charges for Shelton driver

MONROE, CT — A Shelton man was charged with narcotics violations following a traffic stop at the four-way-intersection of Route 110 and Moose Hill Road on Wednesday night.

William Pjura, 26, of Trap Falls Extension, was charged with use of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance first offense. He was released on $500 bond for a Sept. 23 court date.

On Wednesday at around 6:30 p.m., an officer on patrol saw a Chevrolet Malibu approach the intersection on Route 110, disobey the stop sign and continue west toward Monroe Turnpike, according to police.

Police said the officer made a traffic stop and learned the Shelton Police Department had an active warrant for the driver, Pjura’s arrest.

Officers saw a bifold wallet on the front seat containing a “dime bag” with a white powdery substance and an empty wax fold, police said.

Inside a pair of jeans on the passenger seat was a white piece of paper with a brown tar-like substance on it, police said, adding officers also found a bag with blue, oval shaped pills and two pipes with burnt ends and a gold, metal mesh material inside.

Police said the pipes are commonly used to smoke crack-cocaine.

Police said the white powdery substance later tested positive for cocaine and the brown tar-like substance tested positive for heroin. The pills were identified as Alprazolan, a schedule 4 controlled substance, the report said.

After being processed on Monroe’s charges, police said Pjura was turned over to Shelton police on their warrant.

A PayPal scam

A Monroe woman was setting up a PayPal account when she received an email, which appeared to be from the company, requesting more information to verify her identity.

After sending a photo of her driver’s license and her banking information, police said the woman became suspicious and called PayPal directly. A PayPal representative told her it was a scam.

She closed her PayPal account and her People’s United Bank checking account, police said, adding she did not incur any financial loss.

Stolen identity

A Monroe woman learned she was the victim of identity theft after receiving a payment for unemployment benefits she had never applied for, according to police.

Police said no irregular activity was found on the victim’s bank and credit card accounts, but she was advised to contact the three major credit bureaus to monitor her credit moving forward.

Police are investigating the incident.

Trash bins were heading to New York

An identity thief used a Monroe woman’s American Express credit card number to buy $54 worth of trash cans through her online Walmart account, according to a complaint filed on Sept. 11.

Police said she was notified that delivery of the order would be received in New York, but she did not order the merchandise and had never lived in that State.

American Express Customer Service was notified and the victim was advised to monitor her credit card accounts and to change her Walmart password.

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