A warehouse on Pepper Street sold for $3.4 million in June

This office/warehouse at 490 Pepper St. sold for $3.4 million on June 16. Field Card photo

MONROE, CT — The following property transfers were filed in the Monroe Town Clerk’s Office for the month of June in 2021.

Thomas and Nancy Eldredge sold their home at 28 Blakeman Drive to Robert Sanzari for $342,000 on June 30.

R. Mastroni Excavating LLC and Robert Mastroni sold a house at 359 Hammertown Road to Alejandra Jaime Villalonga for $730,000 on June 30 and Villalonga transferred the property to Diana I. Hinojosa Gonzalez.

Charlene A. Nolan transferred ownership of a home at 18 Squire Road to Robert D. Nolan on June 30.

The Estate of Maureen M. Chuga sold a house at 30 Greenwood Drive to Michael and Melissa Cercone for $463,000 on June 30.

Maureen A. DeGennaro sold a house at 263 Purdy Hill Road to William Allen II and Kyla W. Allen for $300,000 on June 29.

Margarita Diakomis transferred a house at 58 William Henry Drive to Margarita and Theoharis Diakomis on June 28.

Antonio and Zulmira Videira sold a house at 411 Elm St. to Marlon A. Morales and Nury Melania Bonilla for $470,000 on June 25.

Christina Martinez transferred a house at 79 Old Castle Drive to James and Christina F. Martinez on June 25.

Elizabeth Sannino sold a house at 83 Lynn Drive to Adelio and Ivana Pimenta for $287,000 on June 24.

Matthew D. Convertito sold a house at 134 Old Castle Drive to James and Cindy Anderson for $571,000 on June 24.

David J. Babis and Robin Gianquinto transferred ownership of a house at 91 Old Castle Drive to David J. Babis, Robin L. Gianquinto and Robert J. Babis on June 24.

Glynn O. and Jillian B. Brenna sold a house at 19 Fresh Meadow Road to Edward and Jeneen Rescsanski for $400,000 on June 23.

Jill M. Kimball sold land at 8 Crown View Drive to Jan’s Land Development LLC for $90,000 on June 23.

Deborah A. Crouch sold a house at 15 Fresh Meadow Road to Michael P. Tartell for $454,900 on June 22.

Robert W. Loskant, Laurie Tomaszek and Christopher Loskant sold a house at 88 Holly Place to Peter S. McLaren for $502,000 on June 22.

Peter R. and Margerey F. Stehman sold a house at 334 Moose Hill Road to David and Tiffany LoConte for $450,000 on June 22.

Kazimiera Pietkevich sold a condo at 94 Hidden Knolls Circle to Angelo Wargo and William Wargo Sr. for $165,000 on June 22.

The Jamie S. Greenberg Trust transferred ownership of a house at 649 Wheeler Road to Rachel Kim Olivera on June 22.

Pond View LLC and Sabrina Keillor transferred ownership of a commercial building at 135 Main St. to Sabrina Keillor on June 21.

Sabrina Keillor transferred ownership of a commercial building at 135 Main St. to  Ronald W. Keillor Jr. trustee and Sabrina Keillor on June 21.

John F. Smith III and Marisa Smith sold a house at 41 Harmony Lane to Jason Henke and Annmarie Rudy for $587,500 on June 21.

Eleanor H. Kalakay sold a house at 29 Countryside Drive to Daniel Derubis and  Brittany Tigano for $340,000 on June 17.

Eileen Donnelly transferred ownership of a house at 38 Downs Road to Peggy Ann Kelley on June 17.

Donna Sobel sold a house at 87 Red Barn Road to John McGill for $801,000 on June 16.

Michael J. Garaffa sold a house at 40 Harmony Lane to Ofori Nkansah for $575,000 on June 16.

Michael T. and Donna M. Graham sold their house at 544 Cutlers Farm Road to David M. Leavitt for $519,000 on June 16.

Diane E. Figlar sold a house at 121 Walnut St. to Stephen and Emma Pelak for $409,000 on June 16.

Tracey D. Hayes transferred ownership of a house at 12 Meadowview Terrace to Meadowview Terrace LLC on June 16.

Silas Aguirre sold a house at 60 Downs Road to Nathaniel A. and Leah R. Dewey for $407,100 on June 16.

CHG Land Holdings LLC sold a warehouse at 490 Pepper St. to 490 Pepper St. LLC for $3.4 million on June 16.

CBC Partners sold a house at 1271 Monroe Turnpike to 1271 Monroe Turnpike LLC for $300,000 on June 14.

Joseph Ferreira and Kristian Kentos sold a house at 311 Laurel Drive to 311 Laurel Drive LLC for $520,000 on June 14.

Virginia Fiore transferred ownership of a house at 25 Arrowhead Drive to the Nicola and Virginia Fiore Revocable Trust on June 14.

The Estate of Rita Venables sold a condo at 70 Highland Drive to Henry and Margaret Bossett for $265,000 on June 11.

Darren A. and Arlene F. Cummings sold a house at 65 Twin Brook Terrace to Ryan Braunagel for $428,000 on June 9.

Lorrain M. Ciotti sold at house at 35 Johnson Place to Stephen and Jill M. Rose for $288,500 on June 9.

Russell and David Quetti sold a house at 13 Robin Lane to David and Natalie Taranto for $635,000 on June 8.

Gary Cirillo sold a house at 48 Old Coach Road to Mark Taylor Staples for $625,000 on June 8.

Richard F. and Lori M. Friot sold a house at 39 Northwood Road to Jacqueline and Todd Hirata for $575,000 on June 8.

Gen IV LLC sold property at 1 and 10 Victoria Drive to FSI DY05 LLC for $2.4 million on June 7.

Lori Hammer-Young sold a house at 23 Spinning Wheel Road to Scott M. Ryan for $520,000 on June 7.

Russell Barton sold a house at 551 Main St. to E D Real Estate for $370,000 on June 4.

Martin O’Reilly sold a house at 1261 Monroe Turnpike to Katherine Gittens for $489,000 on June 4.

Gregory B. and Bonnie J. Beardsley sold a house at 376 Moose Hill Road to 376 Moose Hill Road LLC and Bruce Mondo Jr. for $260,000 on June 4.

Daniel J. Valli sold a condo at 63 Highland Drive to Angela Deleon for $285,000 on June 3.

Michael Schless sold condo 219F at Windgate Circle to Heather E. Lemoult for $204,900 on June 3.

Christopher and Lindsay B. Given sold a house at 24 Cottage St. to Juan P. and Toni S. Constante for $510,000 on June 3.

Coz Investors LLC, and Mary A. and Michael A. Cosmedy sold land at 587 Pepper St. to Maybrook Properties LLC for $99,500.

Teresa Goclowski sold a house at 571 Pepper St. to Maybrook Properties LLC for $550,000 on June 2.

Brianna L. and Dubie T. Sowell sold a house at 161 Elm St. to Matthew V. DiRienzo for $350,000 on June 2.

Tehma D. Mulla sold a house at 23 Fresh Meadow Road to Regina M. Pollock for $279,300 on June 2.

Edward N. Coffey sold land at 282 Webb Circle to Jeffrey Cunningham for $150,000 on June 2.

Theodore Joseph Stoica transferred ownership of a house at 15 High Meadow Road to Theodore Joseph and Nina Stoica on June 2.

Jamie and Carl Charles sold a house at 2 Jans Court to Danielle and Loreen Duranti-Ricci for $330,000 on June 1.

Joel Beaman sold condo 401A at 324 Elm St. to Fairlane Realty LLC for $75,000 on June 1.

Michael J. and Jennifer M. Sokira sold a house at 29 Meadow Brook Drive to Kelly and Scott Rivera for $440,000 on June 1.

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