A house on Canterbury Lane sold for $690,000 in March

This contemporary-style house at 10 Canterbury Lane sold for $690,000 on March 16.

MONROE, CT — The following property transfers were recorded in the Monroe Town Clerk’s Office in March of 2021.

Maria Cristina Rojas and Wolloh & Sachs LLC sold a house at 39 Verna Road to Kirsy Ramos for $310,000 on March 1.

The Jesse H. Taylor Estate, Jo-Ann Chieffalo, Barbara Taylor-Koziel and Kathleen Root sold a house at 197 Fan Hill Road to Franklin and Kathleen Smith for $310,000 on March 2.

Wilmington Savings Fund sold a house at 117 Ripton Ridge to Mahren Rashid and Nayeem Mohammed for $420,000 on March 2.

Frederick Staak sold a house at 129 Barn Hill Road to Maikl Shawky Fakhr Attia for $390,000 on March 2.

Robert and Kristen M. Janczewski sold their house at 11 Greenwood Dr. to Jennifer Morrisey for $370,000 on March 2.

David J. Kimmett and Raruenchit Majarone sold their house at 27 Osborn Lane to National Residential Nominee Services Inc. for $380,000 on March 4.

Deborah J. Terrill sold her house at 30 Twin Brook Terrace to Louise Carduso for $90,000 on March 9.

Kelly J. Cox sold her condo, 211 Windgate Circle, Unit C, to Shannan Sager for $184,000 on March 9.

Mehmet and Yadigar Binal sold their condo, 755 Main St. Bldg. No. 3, to K&L of Monroe LLC for $405,000 on March 9.

Wheeler Road Investments LLC and Mary Jane Czesnowski sold land at 3 Whitetail Dr., Lot 10, to Antonino and Claudia Schiro for $165,000 on March 9.

Jane Sherman sold her condo at 96 Highland Dr. to 96 Highland LLC for $247,000 on March 9.

Peter and Leylane Laquesse sold their house at 550 Moose Hill Road to Amanda and Adam Rudman for $355,000 on March 10.

Diane E. and Adam P. Gaber sold their house at 35 Manor Dr. to Erin and Ryan Budris for $615,000 on March 10.

The Estate of Geraldine P. Carney sold a condo at 39 Highland Dr. to Constantine Bezas, Margorie Bezas, Debra Hansen and Cynthia Hansen Lishawa for $295,000 on March 10.

Jesse T. Lent and Christina A. Contacessi sold their house at 87 Pastors Walk to Mario and Anna Granata for $295,000 on March 16.

Gary T. and Rosemarie Costello sold their house at 10 Canterbury Lane to Mary Henry for $690,000 on March 16.

Sarah A. Bradley sold her house at 50 Downs Road to Camille Cooler for $194,000 on March 16.

Welby Accely and WA Property Projects Inc. sold a house at 476 Moose Hill Road to Niki Srimun and Debanjana Roy for $435,000 on March 17.

Gary M. Haray sold his condo, 103 Wendover Dr-Unit D, to Kaitlyn Giangregorio for $250,000 on March 18.

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