A colonial on Hannah Lane sold for $750,000 in July

This four bedroom colonial at 73 Hannah Lane sold for $750,000 on July 13. Zillow Photo

MONROE, CT — The following property transfers were filed in the Monroe Town Clerk’s Office for the month of July in 2021.

Albert and Marta Dautaj sold a home at 82 Twin Brook Terrace to Marta Droszczak and Natalia Montogya for $452,500 on July 1.

Shawn Badyga sold a house at 48 Hillcrest Road to Robin Bond for $336,500 on July 1.

Mohammad Q. Ashab sold a house at 28 Braeloch Way to Faury Francisco Rodriguez for $676,000 on July 2.

Charles J. Bentley sold a house at 118 Wells Road to Katherine Gallo for $531,000 on July 2.

Jacqueline Sogliuzzi transferred ownership of a house at 97 Fan Hill Road to Rinaldo Sogliuzzi on July 2.

Henry S. Gamse transferred ownership of a house at 78 Benedict Road to Diane S. Gamse on July 6.

Alex Merturi sold a house at 83 Fan Hill Road to Peter and Jen Bernacki for $482,500 on July 6.

Arrtco, Inc. and Arthur Iacurci sold a house at 24 Jeannette Street to Robert Passero and Abigail Smith for $460,000 on July 6.

Scott and Michelle Z. Bleakney sold a house at 68 Stanley Road to Eric S. and Michelle M. Bleakney for $425,000 on July 6.

Mumtaz Ahmed Mohammad sold a house at 64 Crossbow Lane to Siddartha and Ritu Gupta for $571,000 on July 6.

John D. Delladona sold condo 301 Fairmount Dr. No. 301C to Michael Zyskowski for $205,000 on July 6.

Aaron McGoldrick, on behalf of the Monroe Land Trust & Tree Conservancy, transferred land at 210 Hattertown Road, 139 Josies Ring Road, 141 Josie’s Ring Road and 117 Bagburn Road to the Aspetuck Land Trust as part of a merger on July 6.

Astride Paul sold a house at 268 Purdy Hill Road to Lawrence O. Olala for $384,000 on July 6.

Francis M. St. Fleur sold a condo at 23 Meadowlark Circle to Lee Corbo for $239,900 on July 6.

Tracey and Daniel DeRubis sold at house at 101 Richards Drive to Shawn Lunn and Joseph Goldpaugh for $465,000 on July 7.

Edwin Carballera and Joann Pacheco sold a house at 95 Crown View Drive to Indrajit and Anita Banerjee for $575,000 on July 8.

The Estate of Peter D. Marcinka sold a house at 33 Brinsmaid Road to Peter and Susanne Ferris for $350,000 on July 8.

Ryan Kelly sold a house at 154 Wheeler Road to Daniel R. Combs for $470,000 on July 8.

Jeffrey Kurjiaka sold at house at 471 Elm Street to Eric and Ilyse Gendron for $485,000 on July 8.

Vishay Sprague Inc. sold land at 10 and 36 Main Street to 1036 Main Street LLC for $1 million on July 9.

Steven M. and Jennifer L. Baranello sold a house at 59 Harvester Road to Jason Michael Lorch for $425,000 on July 9.

Jessica Marie Rowan transferred ownership of a house at 51 Lovers Lane to Adam Silverstone on July 9.

Mary M. Gilbertson sold a condo at 5 Boulder Ridge Road to Jose N. and Maria Rojas for $308,000 on July 12.

Jason I. Bresky sold a house at 52 Stanley Road to Leticia J. Ingersoll for $390,000 on July 12.

Lauren L. Shawah sold a house at 17 Stonewall Lane to Alyssa Kostopoulos for $490,000 on July 12.

Mark and Marian Antinozzi, trustees of the Marian Antinozzi 2019 Revocable Trust, transferred ownership of a house at 21 Fan Hill Road to trustees Mark and Marian Antinozzi on July 12.

Daniel and Alexa L. Kokkoros sold a house at 83 Purdy Hill Road to James Dozier for $565,000 on July 12.

Jennifer Cristo and Andrew Greenawalt sold a house at 73 Hannah Lane to Tammer Ghaly for $750,000 on July 13.

William J. O’Dea and Elizabeth O’Dea transferred ownership of 90 Benedict Road to Daniel and Kathryn Barron on July 13.

Anita L. Tomasco sold a condo at 30 Underhill Road to Stephen G. and Judith A. Max for $325,000 on July 13.

Anita T. Tornillo sold a condo at 51 Old Colony Road to Austin Lewis for $548,000 on July 13.

Eric S. Bloom sold a house at 147 Old Newtown Road to Nicole S. Dolgin for $427,000 on July 14.

Joel G. and Courtenay F. Angelovic sold a house at 641 Monroe Turnpike to Artura and Andre Faison for $635,000 on July 14.

Austin and Andrea Lewis sold a house at 57 Lazy Brook Road to Devin Wallace and Gulianna Roman for $550,000 on July 14.

Piera Torrielli sold a condo at 14 Wrabel Circle to Allyson Musolino and Kellie Sieban for $325,000 on July 14.

Humberto Rodrigues sold land at 490 Fan Hill Road to Gilson Xavier for $130,000 on July 15.

Brian and Lynne Barton sold a house at 33 Crown View Drive to Scott and Maria Karbiner for $600,000 on July 15.

Amatoulaye Fall and Cheikhou Tidiane Diagne sold a house at 11 Old Colony Road to Josephine Gbediame for $509,000 on July 15.

John A. Miko II and Halina Miko sold a house at 18 Summerview Drive to Stacey DiPietro and Jeffrey Maier for $640,000 on July 16.

Raymond K. and Susan L. Osborne sold a house at 8 Aspetuck Lane to Carlos Perez Serrano for $595,000 on July 19.

Joseph Lasko transferred ownership of a house at 31 Hawthorne Drive to Joseph Lasko on July 19.

Sarah E. Bond sold condo 213B Windgate Circle to David Friedman for $235,000 on July 19.

Romaine Janeczek sold condo No. 6 at 6 Kensington Road to Andrea Lewis for $350,000 on July 19.

James Francios sold a house at 390 Purdy Hill Road to Nora Budjinski for $515,000 on July 19.

Donna Rivers sold a house at 48 Quarry Ridge Road to Norris G. Clark for $490,000 on July 20.

Victor Hernandez and Maria Cecilia Rojas sold a house at 31 Elliot Drive to Patrick, Svetlana and Michael Devitt for $495,405 on July 20.

193 Main Street Monroe, Robert and Robin S. Weber transferred property at 193 Main Street to Clean the Scene LLC and Kenneth J. Tardie on July 20.

Cristine Gangi sold a house at 142 Pepper Street to Lyman and Fabian Cordero for $300,000 on July 21.

David A. and Rosa A. Aiello sold a house at 65 William Henry Drive to Albert and Jenette Moavero for $562,000 on July 23.

Gino Cardillo sold a house at 15 Cahill Road to Andrea Cardillo and Alvaro Lopez Rondon for $425,000 on July 23.

Michael and Dawn L. Horton sold a house at 197 Josies Ring Road to Cristobal and Meredith Alvarez for $625,000 on July 23.

Lorraine K. Malewicki transferred ownership of a house at 250 Old Newtown Road to Joseph S. Malewicki Jr. on July 23.

Paul E. and Janet N. Haringa sold a house at 354 Moose Hill Road to Richard David Morley and Kristin Maret Morley for $550,000 on July 23.

Lorraine K. Malewicki transferred ownership of a house at 301 Purdy Hill Road to Joseph S. Malewicki Jr. on July 23.

Maria Rigoli transferred ownership of a house at 346 Moose Hill Road to Maria Rigoli, Joseph Rigoli and Tina Sanguinetti on July 23.

Eli Madera transferred land at 56 Mustang Drive to Squave LLC on July 23.

William M. and Rosemarie R. Michaels sold a house at 54 Craig Drive to Kenneth Milligan for $652,000 on July 26.

Anthony Battaglia sold a house at 8 Diane Drive to Kenneth R. Stamm Jr. for $354,900 on July 26.

Cristobal A. Alvarez Jr. and Meredith M. Alvarez sold a house at 15 Toll Gate to Karen and Edward Petrillo for $471,500 on July 26.

Christopher D. and Prudence Murray sold at house at 27 Hickory Lane to Matthew D. and Colby W. Lemieux for $502,000 on July 27.

Jason E. and Melissa G. Snyder sold a house at 55 Maple Drive to Sara Chun for $380,000 on July 27.

Sara Chun transferred ownership of a house at 55 Maple Drive to Emiliano Iagher on July 27.

Timothy F. and Darlene Jones sold land at 4 Avalon Way to Carl Williams for $1,892.80 on July 27.

The Estate of William J. Ryan Sr. and Eleanor Ryan transferred ownership of a house at 3 Otters Rock to Ryan Farm LLC on July 28.

Rachel A. Petiti and Zully Moore sold a house at 15 Carmen Lane to Matthew Moore for $620,000 on July 29.

Frank A. Fonck Jr. transferred ownership of a house at 39 Captains Hill Road to Amy St. Onge on July 30.

Phyllis F. Tischetti sold a condo at 59 Highland Drive to Barbara Engstrom for $262,000 on July 30.

The Estate of Catherine Mucherino, Krystal Ramalho and Janie Davelaar sold a house at 57 Lovers Lane to Franklin Investors CT LLC for $230,000 on July 30.

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