A colonial on Deer River Lane sold for $799,900 in April

This four-bedroom colonial-style house at 32 Deer River Lane sold for $799,900 on April 20.

MONROE, CT — The following property transfers were filed in the Monroe Town Clerk’s Office for the month of April in 2021.

Meadowlark Properties LLC sold a condo at 13 Meadowlark Circle to Christopher McGee for $270,000 on April 1.

Richard C. and Mary Lou M. Kellogg sold their house at 23 Gray St. to Paulo Munoz and Paola Contreras for $520,000 on April 1.

Maurice Demayo sold his house at 132 Hammertown Road to Lisa Hanley for $520,000 on April 1.

Glenn T. and Margaret E. Oesterle sold their house at 74 Old Castle Drive to Colin Elder and Catherine Tolan for $468,000 on April 1.

Vitorino Dos Santos sold his house at 67 Israel Hill Road to George and Sophia Henriques for $300,000 on April 5.

Barbara A. Waite sold her house at 240 Hammertown Road to Keith Laurence Tawczynski and Kristen Jensen Tawczynski for $399,900 on April 6.

Sean C. and Terri M. Albuquerque sold their house at 247 Pastors Walk to Lauren C. Goodman and William J. Walker for $410,000 on April 6.

Kyle and Stephen Taylor sold their condo at 25 Hollow Tree Lane to Michael Stout and Susan Waldstein for $305,000 on April 6.

The Estate of David Doris sold a house at 73 Israel Hill Road to Sunshine Residences for $310,000 on April 6.

Sylvia Ketron sold her condo at 203-B Windgate Circle to Carlo F. and Johanna Capria for $205,000 on April 7.

Richard C. Vanwaalwijk sold a condo at 25 Old Colony Drive to Edward Defeo for $390,000 on April 7.

Lisa Perone and Eric J. Fannell sold their condo at 34 Overlook Drive to Meng Gu for $323,224 on April 7.

David and Lisa Zembroski sold their house at 26 Watch Hill Road to Olha Kopystynska and Slavomir Kollar for $579,000 on April 7.

Daniel K. and Roaida R. Johnson sold their house at 25 Manor Drive to Paul T. Vawter and Sarah J. Balbiani for $585,000 on April 8.

Elizabeth Konner sold her house at 23 Lovers Lane to Edward R. Jr. Jones for $290,000 on April 8.

The Estate of Janet M. Reck sold a house at 61 Osborn Lane to Mario G. De Santanna for $300,000 on April 9.

Elizabeth Cleary sold her house on 155 Pepper St. to Sarah Wojtowicz for $455,000 on April 9.

Richard E. and Kathleen T. Lucey sold their condo at 5 Overlook Drive to Janie Del Bene for $239,900 on April 9.

Jorge Santa sold his house at 28 Easton Road to David and Vicki Myers for $625,000 on April 9.

Maria Goncalves sold her condo at 17 Hollow Tree Lane to Carly Colon for $263,000 on April 13.

Scott and Kelly Rivera sold their house at 36 Hillcrest Road to Lorraine K. and Joseph S. Malewicki for $340,000 on April 13.

Elizabeth Bendlak sold her house at 124 Old Zoar Road to 124 Old Zoar LLC for $150,000 on April 13.

Paul A. and Amanda M. Titley sold their house at 404 Moose Hill Road to Stephen Keefe and Michele Migliaccio for $490,000 on April 15.

Ryan N. and Bethany J. Cassidy sold their condo at 12 Falls Brook Circle #12 to Schuyler Gratto for $225,000 on April 16.

Cindy Kelly sold her house at 241 Meadows End Road to John and Jennifer Ciannella for $750,000 on April 16.

John C. and Susan C. Lewandowski sold their house at 7 Ivy Lane to Marianna Hutvagner for $400,000.

AJ Property Development LLC sold a house at 30 Patmar Circle to Sean C. and Terri M. Albuquerque for $412,000 on April 20.

W. William and Margaret M. Fry sold their house at 68 Hillside Lane to Michael J. Sokira III for $525,000 on April 20.

Jennifer and Jane Morawaski sold their house at 396 Elm St. to Marcy J. and Angelo F. Simone for $325,000 on April 20.

Brett Michael Jackson and Shannon Marie Jackson sold their house at 32 Deer River Lane to McDonald’s USA LLC for $799,900 on April 20.

McDonald’s USA LLC sold a house at 32 Deer River Lane to Yaron and Adva Schoen for $799,900 on April 20.

David Steffens sold his house at 40 Arrowhead Drive to Kenneth and Hella Westerfeld for $755,000 on April 20.

Joan M. Hedden sold her house at 21 Woody Crest Road to Daniel Evangelista for $421,500 on April 20.

The Estate of Arthur Luledjian and Michael Passaro sold a house at 560 Hammertown Road to Montown LLC for $80,000 on April 22.

Alan Davies and Geertrui Van De Heyning sold their house at 536 Moose Hill Road to Shane Goven and Alyssa Dupont for $349,000 on April 22.

Christopher M. Burkhalter and Jennifer Chieffalo Burkhalter sold their house at 19 Osborn Lane to Michael Guarino and Catherine Conklin for $385,000 on April 22.

Lucille Baver sold her condo at 202 Windgate Circle to Lauren C. Iglesias for $205,000 on April 23.

Judith and James P. Vig sold their house at 60 Craig Drive to James E. Vig and Monique Cortinhas for $456,250 on April 23.

Miramar Capital LLC sold a condo at 755 Main St. to Gaslight Development CT LLC for $499,000 on April 26.

Alexander Ginzburg and Keith Familia sold their house at 50 West Maiden Lane to Keith Oatis for $570,000 on April 26.

Stephanie Lola sold her house at 999 Monroe Turnpike to Constantin Caldarariu and Ioana Alina Caldarariu for $400,000 on April 26.

Joseph and Stephanie Moravsky sold their house at 112 Jockey Hollow Road to Sean and Nicole Marie McLaughlin for $408,000 on April 26.

Michael W. and Tammy W. Cahill sold their house at 93 Georges Lane to Joseph and Stephanie Moravsky for $525,000 on April 27.

Scott M. and Heather E. Christiano sold their house at 11 Jockey Hollow Road to Michael Ross Slade and Leslie Slade for $437,500 on April 30.

Theodore A. and Susan T. Okon sold their house at 30 Wintergreen Road to Jeffrey W. Jones and Kristy Brito for $690,000 on April 30.

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