A $639,000 colonial on Grindstone Lane tops July’s real estate transactions

This colonial-style house at 46 Grindstone Lane sold for $639,000 on July 10.

A four-bedroom colonial-style house at 46 Grindstone Lane sold for $639,000 in July, making it the highest real estate transaction for Monroe last month. The house was sold by Anni Jakobsen to buyers Heather and Thomas Greco Jr. on July 10.

Among the other transactions for July were:

Kris D. and Laura L. Carpenter sold their colonial at 39 Admiral Drive to Victor and Jennifer F. Malindretos for $625,000 on July 19.

Abdul Hamid and Sarah Salim sold their colonial at 55 Riding Ridge Road to Cartus Financial Corp. for $620,000 on July 22. Then Cartus Financial Group sold it to Emmett B. Lee Jr. for $620,000 the same day.

Edward A. and Cynthia A Majersky sold their colonial at 5 Jenny Ridge Lane to Osman and Christine Akyzlcin for $569,000 on July 18.

Douglas A. and Linda P. Finocchi sold their colonial at 60 Heather Road to Robert and Mary Alice Morehouse for $530,000 on July 1.

Marie A. Staley sold her condo at 10 Great Oak Farm Road to Andy Pan for $490,000 on July 23.

Raymond J. Metro Jr. and Eva Z. Metro sold their colonial at 133 Old Castle Drive to Robert Patrick and Theresa Oleyar for $480,000 on July 19.

Glenn A. Quintiliano and Laura Fedak sold their colonial at 22 East Village Road to Eddie Yamil Quiles, Edwin R. Quiles and Rosa Cuadrado for $470,000 on July 16.

James I. and Denise M. Rogers sold their colonial at 68 Church St. to Wilfredo and Kimberly M. Uquillas for $465,000 on July 3.

Juan and Marta T. Quinones sold their colonial at 135 Church St. to Marta T. to Samuel and Claudia Hikade for $460,000 on July 9.

Gerald C. Crowley sold his colonial at 19 Pilgrim Lane to Leonardo and Maria Pedreyra for $450,000 on July 29.

George S. and June S. Zapherson sold their colonial at 73 Longview Road to Robert and Katherine Zap for $450,000 on July 16.

Frank P. and Tracy H.Parkin sold their colonial at 44 Sleepy Hollow Drive to Thomas and Laurie Kalamaras for $448,000 on July 10.

Terence and Laura McCorry sold their colonial at 48 Blue Hills Road to Tarik F. Eltaeib and Lamela Alkassi for $441,500 on July 3.

Timothy W. and Susan J. Stalling sold their condo at 66 Secret Hollow Road to Andrew Klemenz and Danielle Barardi for $440,000 on July 2.

Amer Abu-Alfa and Ann E. Wilhelm sold their colonial at 60 Sunset Hill Drive to David K. Templeton and Stephanie L. Millo for $440,000 on July 16.

Andrew and Joyce L. Conlin sold their colonial at 49 Squire Road to Matthew W. and Ramona R. Beckwith for $425,000 on July 1.

Robert A. and Sue Ann Heid sold their ranch-style house at 80 Turkey Roost Road to Joseph Alexander for $420,000 on July 2.

Mark E. and Bridget C. McSweeney sold their colonial at 4 Highfield Drive to Edward and Cynthia Majersky for $420,000 on July 16.

Wojceich and Marta Kruk sold their raised ranch at 122 Walnut Street to Eugene Lozyniak for $415,000 on July 10.

The Turkosz Revocable Living Trust sold its colonial at 48 Stable Ridge Road to Melissa and Nicholas Rotondo for $405,000 on July 16.

Corry Ioli sold a colonial at 268 Hattertown Road to James and Julie Castaneda for $405,000 on July 17.

Stephen and Lisa Dutkowsky sold their colonial at 118 Hillside Lane to Peter James and Alyna Falco for $400,000 on July 30.

Jonathan P. and Melissa J. Mulla sold their colonial at 390 Purdy Hill Road to James Francois and Latoya Parchment for $392,000 on July 15.

Denise R. Montonue-Garvin sold her colonial at 160 Wheeler Road to Thomas and Claribel Agosto for $390,000 on July 3.

James E. and Angela Marshall sold their colonial at 3 Purdy Hill Road  to Byron Wilson and Sherri D. Brown for $390,000 on July 29.

Andrew and Sherry Goldstein sold their ranch at 72 Knorr Road to Laura E. and Cesare D. Fellah for $382,500 on July 16.

Dennis S. and Debora Shea sold their raised ranch at 36 Camelot Drive to Edgardo and Bianca Aponte for $379,900 on July 22.

Malcolm and Donna Bell sold their raised ranch at 53 Belle Vale St. to James and June Deandressi for $370,000 on July 1.

Eileen F. Johnson sold her ranch at 1000 Monroe Turnpike to Miguel Paulino and Altagarcia Martinez for $355,000 on July 17.

Patrick Walker sold his colonial at 37 Purdy Hill Road to Jodi I. Calorossi for $350,000 on July 2.

Suzanne G. Mastroni sold their raised ranch at 61 Israel Hill Road to Florence Trepcha for $320,000 on July 16.

The Trust of Doris T. Schwarz sold its raised ranch at 84 Jockey Hollow Road to Robert W. Troesser Sr. for $311,000 on July 10.

Paul and Stephanie Burwell sold their colonial at 21 Crescent Place to Julie Avellino for $299,900 on July 16.

Dawn C. Kreski sold her condo at 33 Indian Hill Road to Mark Jaworski for $284,500 on July 25.

Christopher D. and Teresa Guerra sold their ranch at 240 Purdy Hill Road to Martin and Carina Blackwell for $279,000 on July 1.

The Estate of John Balog sold its raised ranch at 9 Bradley Drive to Roberto and Julie Arcos for $277,740 on July 17.

Marion S. Wuennemann sold her ranch at 35 Hurd Ave. to Mark F. and Curtis G. Bentley for $262,500 on July 12.

Victor J. and Jennifer F. Malindretos sold their Cape Cod-style house at 39 Willenbarb Road to Dariusz and Kasey Marciczkiewicz for $255,000 on July 18.

William F. Renz sold his ranch at 338 Fan Hill Road to John R. and Marianne Morrison for $254,000 on July 3.

Eleanor M. Kaplita sold her split-level house at 5 School St. to 5 School St. LLC for $235,000 on July 18.

Vincent Natal sold his ranch at 13 Knollwood St. to Lauren Hemond for $220,000 on July 18.

Julia C. Levy sold her condo at 4 Jans Court to Marybeth Quinn for $215,000 on July 2.

The Estate of Lucille Cook O’Rourke sold its ranch at 42 Richards Drive to Patrick A. Walker for $197,500 on July 25.

MTGLQ Investors LP sold its ranch at 121 Meadows End Road to Livisupa Riera and Rene Wilson for $190,000 on July 1.

Philip and Nicole Camhi sold their condo at 303F Fairmount Drive to Sarah Elizabeth Filmer for $188,000 on July 19.

Glen Holcomb sold his condo at 12 Nutmeg Circle to Fortunata Papalia for $181,000 on July 22.

Benjamin E. and Shannon W. Gershel sold their condo at 164 Highland Drive to William and Phyllis Caple, Phyllis for $171,919 on July 29.

William C. Pappas II sold his condo at 101 Wendover Drive to Rebecca Merl Banoff for $168,200 on July 31.

Jennifer Crisanti, Guy Veneruso, Kimberly Koch, Ralph Veneruso Jr., Susan Provenzano, Fortunata Veneruso and Julie E. Dorsey sold their ranch at 6 Carriage Drive to Guy Veneruso for $165,000 on July 22.

The Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. sold its condo at 3 Still Meadow Circle to Rinaldo G. and Madelyn I. Sogliuzzi for $164,000 on July 23.

NRZ Reo Inventory LLC sold its ranch at 98 Guinea Road to Mark Czeresnia and Jadwiga Radkiewicz for $141,000 on July 22.

Benjamin and Shannon Gershel sold their condo at 4 Hidden Knolls Circle to Utet R. Plude for $126,000 on July 19.

The Estate of Catherine R. Crowley, Colleen C. Mikolichick, James D. Nash and Patrick H.J. Nash sold their condo at 37 Hidden Knolls Circle to Loren C. Piccolo for $115,000 on July 31.

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