21st Senatorial District candidates: What should voters know about you?

Christopher Green, left, a Democrat, is challenging incumbent Republican, Kevin Kelly, right, for the 21st Senatorial District seat this November.

The race for Connecticut’s 21st Senatorial District will be decided this Tuesday. The Sun gave incumbent Republican senator, Kevin Kelly, a Republican, and his challenger, Democrat, Christopher Green, the chance to share one final thought with voters:

Before voters go to the polls, what should they know about you?

Kelly: I love our state and work every day to make it a better, safer, and more affordable place for all our families. I grew up in Stratford, the son of a brake shoe salesman and a dedicated community servant.

I raised my kids here and am lucky to see my seven grandchildren grow up here too. I worked for the Department of Social Services for 13 years and now work as an elder law attorney where I’ve gained a deep understanding of the challenges faced by Connecticut’s seniors and most vulnerable residents.

I know how desperately Connecticut’s working- and middle-class families need relief. I want Connecticut to be the place where you and your family have access to affordable health care and good paying jobs, where no one is afraid in their own communities or homes, where seniors can safely age in place, where our environment is protected and respected, where the most vulnerable have needed supports, and where working- and middle-class families can afford to live without having to make impossible choices and sacrifices.

I am proud to have earned the support and endorsement of job creators and laborers alike. I have been recognized for my 100-percent pro-jobs voting record by the Connecticut Business and Industry Association and I am endorsed by the Connecticut Building Trades, the Union of Operating Engineers Local 478, and the Fraternal Order of Police and the Association of Retired Teachers.

It has also been an honor to work with so many who care about our state and its people on life changing legislation.

I’ve been part of historic bipartisan efforts to enhance children’s mental health care, to reduce the price of insulin, to increase access to life-saving early screenings for diseases including breast cancer and ovarian cancer, and to make pregnancy a qualifying life event to connect more people to vital prenatal care.

I’ve also spent a good portion of my life advocating for seniors and elderly residents, successfully working to increase support for nursing home residents, family caregivers, and aging in place initiatives as well as strengthening the state’s elder abuse laws. But the work is far from done.

I look forward to continuing to serve and advocating to change our state’s direction when it comes to affordability, opportunity, and safety. We need to make our state a safer place with a holistic approach to not only address the symptoms of crime, but to get to the root causes of crime – that includes judicial reforms, creating opportunity, safe housing, and mental health support.

We must create opportunities and good paying jobs that will enable you and your loved ones to find prosperity and success. I am running to bring your voice to the State Capitol and continue fighting for a more affordable, healthier, and safer Connecticut for you and your family.

Green: Those interested in more info can go to www.cgreen4senate.com. I am running for office because I love this state. We do have some challenges, but I want to be a part of the solution.

I’ve grown up in Connecticut and want my 6-month-old daughter to have the same opportunities I did. My background in business and education means I can bring a pragmatic and analytical approach to the State House. I intend to work with anyone who wants to push for a brighter future in the state, and I intend always to push for transparency and efficiency in government.

Since May, I’ve been knocking on doors six or seven days a week — 6,800 doors already — and I will not stop until all votes are counted. Legislators should represent EVERYONE in their district — not just the loudest voices, not only business interests or big donors, and not solely individuals in their party.

Meeting people where they are has been a great way to make sure I understand and can fully represent the needs of residents in our district at the state level.

If voters are aware of the choice they have on Nov. 8 and where their two candidates stand on the core issues, I believe I will win this election. It’s why I appreciate The Monroe Sun taking the time to ask these questions and share our responses.

I challenged my opponent to a debate to provide voters the transparency and contrast they deserve. Unfortunately, my opponent has not yet responded.

The State legislature is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to laws that impact us day-to-day: in Connecticut, only about half of eligible voters participate in state elections. Yet state legislatures introduce 23 times more bills than Congress — and pass 16-percent of those bills — versus Congress’s 3-percent rate.

I hope voters will make their voices heard on Nov. 8.

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